Helping families make transformations through choices

  • Mark A. Webster

    Mark A. Webster Owner/Manager

    For the families we are privileged to serve, Funeral Director's create an opportunity to recognize and embrace feelings of the loss of someone loved; to honor the culmination of life and the ultimate transition of a death.

    I am reminded when I think back of my father's funeral. I did not know at the time how hard this thing called grief really is. As I said hello, to the pathway of goodbye, I had to make the transition from his presence in my life to a life filled with memories. The funeral helped me to begin the process by mourning in the loving and supportive company of others who shared my grief.

    I look at the environment that my children are growing up in and marvel at how wide-open their world is; however, I remain hopeful that one of the positive impacts is that they value the funeral service. The funeral service is a humanizing exercise, when we see it done it is ennobling and graceful. It is getting the deceased where they need to go and the living where they need to be.

    I am convinced about the need of the ritual of a funeral.
    It is why I became a Funeral Director.

    Thank you for your trust in us at Sray-Webster.

    Warm Regards,