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We're humbled by the heartfelt messages we receive from the families we've served. These messages aren't just kind words—they're real stories that show our dedication to providing support when it's needed most. They offer a genuine insight into what we strive for—making a difficult time a little bit easier.


Hear from the families we've served

“Outstanding help and service to my family in our time grief.”

Author: Nolan Carney rated with 5 stars
Heartfelt Reviews

The Sray-Webster Funeral Home difference

“Recently, a relative passed away and I was given the responsibility of working with my cousin to over see, the prepaid funeral ofmy aunt, with one of the other funeral homes in town. It was a very raw and troublesome experience! My mother passed away in 2005. I had the very excellant and comforting experience of Mark Webster. Death of a love one is overwhelmingly lonely, and one can feel abandoned. The friend that stood by your side all your life cannot comfort you, or tell you,you are making all the right decisions. Mark does stand with you, gently guiding, listening to your requests, and producing an event that graces the life and death of your departed love one. I cannot remember any flaw in the cadence from that 1st hour of loss, to the closing of that life at the cemetery. The memory of that loss is a sweet one. So much so, that the horrific experience of my aunt's departure, and the sad way we were treated from beginning to end, not to mention, the dirty, and frayed carpet, a body in a casket that had no resemblance to the precious soul, I nursed to her death two days before. This is an establishment that has the ability to have the most exquisite viewing rooms in town. They promised her a lovely mauve suit, that never happened. Something is wrong when the offices of the funeral home are more plush than the tired and outdated space your loved one is being displayed. If I could help just one person,not to have to suffer the indignities of such a cold and mean experience, then please know Mark Webster is who you need to bless your departed and give you peace of mind,and heart, in your time of grief.”

Author:Diana Lawrence rated with 5 stars of 5

“Today I'll still affected by the sudden death of my dear brother. The saving grace was this funeral home and director. Sometimes you're not thinking clearly as you prepare the celebration for your family and that's why I thank God for Mr Webster. His patience, his attention to detail, and the warmth and care for my Brother during the planning of the arrangements made me feel like it was his love one too. I can't tell you it all went smoothly, I can only say I never felt alone in it. Although I Don't want to see him as a funeral director any time soon, it's a comfort to know when God calls my next love one home... Webster's will be there.”

Author:P Dm rated with 5 stars of 5

“We had a wonderful experience with Mr. Webster. He was prompt to respond, professional, and compassionate. His pricing is very competitive for the area as well.”

Author:Marylou Dovan rated with 5 stars of 5

“Mr Webster recently provided funeral services for a beloved family member. Every detail was handled with kind compassion, professionalism, and empathy. He checked frequently that the family's preferences were honored, and we realized that the viewing and funeral services helped us begin to process our grief and loss. Covid precautions were thorough and yet handled without undo intrusion on the family's privacy. We heartily recommend Mark's services to anyone dealing with the passing of a loved one. Ellen R”

Author:Ellen Rottschafer rated with 5 stars of 5
Author:Christina Ware rated with 5 stars of 5

“Mark Webster handled all the arrangements for my father's (Robert Pyott) recent services as well as my brother's (Robert H. Pyott) in 2013. Being in an active role in both situations I felt his compassion and empathy in every detail. His concern for my mother was genuine and he offered information freely but allowed her to make every choice on her own. The presentation and ceremony were exactly as my mother wanted and proved to be comforting to all who attended. I highly recommend Sray-Webster Funeral Home for those in need of these services.”

Author:Patt Gale rated with 5 stars of 5
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